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Esmahour Industrial Parts, a manufacturer of automotive electrical components, has been operating since the beginning of the year. In order to provide a high quality product and understand the market need, the company utilizes the valuable experience of its professional engineering team and manufactures all components, from base to product, in order to achieve economic and qualitative productivity.
Thanks to Almighty God and the efforts of our highly qualified quality control team and having a laboratory equipped with a motor simulator, life assurance and 100% component testing - proudly announces KES and PSA standards
Parts of this set have a 5 year unconditional warranty
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Car Alternator Components

Alternator or generator is responsible for charging car battery and power supply. If it crashes, the car's battery will drain shortly.
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Car Startup Fault Symptoms

The car starter is responsible for starting the car and turning it on. If for any reason the car starter fails and does not work properly, the problem will occur when the car is started and the car engine will not be able to operate.
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(Alternator Aftamat (Regulator

Regulator (Aftamat) is one of the most important components in the alternator. Aftamat's task in the alternator is to control the armature input current. Since the amount of electrical power produced in the stator depends on the magnetic force of the armature, the sunscreen by controlling the armature input current directly affects the output power of the alternator.
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